Staged readings | 2015

These readings took place at the Centro Cultural Helénico in December 2015, in collaboration with actores from the Compañia Nacional de Teatro, directed by the Royal Court Associate Directors Lucy Morrison and Hamish Pirie.
The Royal Court had asked each of the five playwrights to write a play that explored current social issues of contemporary Mexican society: all of them confront the reader with provocative questions. 
The Man who wanted to speak to the President by Saúl Enríquez
This play recounts the journey of two men. An old man and a young man, and their attempts to reach and speak to a presidented discredited by all. It is also offers a hard look at the actions taken by society and its relationship to government, of which it complains endlessly. 

- A Choir of Orphaned Children by Mariana Hartasánchez
Justice is blind and always needs a guide. In a country where all see nothing, no-one is left to help them see.  
Beat by Bárbara Colio
It is not only about living. It is about feeling alive, beating. Heart and Vladimir's bodies are weakened and old, but their desires and dreams beat as never before. Two forgotten elderly people in a care home plan an audacious escape. At this point, they have nothing to lose. 
The Innkeeper by Claudia Ríos
Where are the heroes that will save the children?
- Cactus by Alberto Villarrea
The play traces the origin of the word 'Mexico': from the original plans commissioned by Hernán Cortés for the founding of Mexico City, to the soldier Alonso García Bravo, and then to the made-up life of an actor that plays Jesus Christ in the Iztapalapa recreation of the crucifixion, all through the incredible universe of a cactus plant in the desert, the mother of all Mexicans.