International residencies

The International Residency offers international playwrights an opportunity to develop a new play during their time in London, in collaboration with members of the Royal Court Theatre artistic team. The Residency is an intensive programme that combines a small number of group sessions with individual one-to-one meetings. There will also be time set aside dedicated to writing and rewriting. Each playwright will be teamed with their own British theatre director and translator who will work throughout the Residency to help realise the play. There will also be the opportunity to work with a specially chosen team of actors in a workshop environment. Throughout the Residency there will be opportunities for the Playwrights to share their work with other members of the group. There are also theatre visits in the evenings.
Mexico joined this programme in the summer of 2006.
The writers who have attended the International Residency are:
  • Alberto Villarreal - 2006
  • Noé Morales Muñoz - 2007
  • Mariana Hartasánchez - 2008
  • Zaría Abreu - 2009
  • Ernesto Anaya - 2010
  • Hugo Alfredo Hinojosa - 2011
  • Alberto Villareal - 2017