The XIV Shakespeare Competition took place at the Centro Cultural Helénico on 17 March 2016.
Renata Wimer, Mexican actress and producer
Artús Chavez, Mexican actor and director
Ian Wooldridge, Dean and Director General of the British American Drama Academy in the UK.
Joint-First prize winner:
Isabel Narezo Balzaretti
Lancaster School
Queen Margaret, Henry VI Part 3, Act I, Scene iv. Sonnet 116
Joint-First prize winner:
Damian Ruiz
Churchill College
Hamlet, Hamlet, Act IV, Scene iv. Sonnet 145
Second prize winner:
Gabriela Manuell
Greengates School
Lady Anne, Richard III Act I, scene ii. Sonnet 143
Participating schools:
Centro Educativo Jean Piaget
Churchill College
Colegio Hebreo Maguen David
Colegio Hebreo Sefaradí
Colegio Madrid
Colegio Marymount Cuernavaca
Escuela Tomás Alva Edison
Green Hills School
Greengates School
Instituto Bilingüe Victoria Tequisquiapan
Instituto Educativo Olinca
Lancaster School
Modern American School
The American School Foundation
The Edron Academy