Technical specifications

Proscenium stage
2 individual dressing rooms with private bathroom, for up to 2 people each, at stage level
1 general dressing room, no bathroom, for up to 3 people, at lower level
Seating capacity of 140 pax
Standing capacity of 250 pax
2 emergency exits
Stage mouth: 5.92m
Stage: 21.83 m2
Left wing: 2.65m
Right wing: 2.65m
Stage door: 1.40m
Foyer with 2 access doors, each with a velvet curtain: 2.20m x 1.20m
Main access door width: 1.32m
House: 287.01 m2
Land Box lighting controller
4 lighting ceiling rods (2 on stage & 2 in house)
14 ETC Source Four Jr. 25°-50° Zoom with filter holder and clamp
House lighting with dimmer LEDS and LED rail lights
Work lights on stage
5 LED multi-colour panels (red, green, blue and amber)

MCA console. Yamaha Mod. TF 5 with 32 channels
MCA voltage regulator. FURMAN Mod. M-8Dx
MCA amplifier Bose Mod. 8 channels
2  MCA speakers. Bose Mod. Panaray 502
2 MCA Subwoofers . Bose Mod. Panaray MB4
Snake ETC 32 channels x 8 returns
3 Wireless MCA transmitters. Shure Mod. SLX4
2 Wireless MCA microphones. Shure Mod. SLX2 SM58
1 Wireless MCA Bodypack. Shure Mod. SLX1
1 Wireless MCA headset microphone. Shure Mod. WH-30
MCA projector. EPSON Mod. PowerLite PRO G6070W
Long-shot EPSON MOD- V12H004L06 PRO G lens
100% white cotton cyclorama screen, 12m x 5m
HDMI & VGA connection betweeen cabin and stage
Stage rider
4 black velvet legs, 2.30m x 5m
3 black velvet side drapes, 12m x .80m
1 white cotton cyclorama screen, 12m x 5m
1 black velvet teaser curtain, de 9m x .70m
1 black velvet house curtain, in two sections, 13m x 5m
2 automatic opening systems for the teaser and house curtain, with automatic stop-system and controls in both the cabin and stage 
Cámara Negra: No
4 fixed black ceiling rods of 12m