For more than 75 years The Anglo Mexican Foundation has dedicated its efforts and resources to expanding opportunities for hundreds of thousands of Mexicans through our educational and cultural programmes. We focus our social contributions on those areas where we are convinced we can generate the most value for Mexican society.

Cultural exchange opportunities and scholarships for Mexican artists in a British-Mexican context.

Scholarship programmes en The Anglo for the training and certification of teachers of English as a foreign language.

We want to grow these programmes and expand our scholarship opportunities to even more people through community partnerships and the generosity of people like you. We invite you to collaborate with our scholarship programmes and support the development of the skills and abilities that Mexico needs with a donation. We are a not for profit, but self-sustaining organization. 100% of your donation will go to our dedicated scholarship fund.

The Anglo Mexican Foundation is authorised to issue donation receipts by the SHCP or we can issue an invoice through our Asociación Civil. All invoices will reflect value added taxes. Monetary amounts in this document are in Mexican Pesos.
Antonia Cruz
Directora Corporativa
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