Scottish Dance Theatre

A unique playroom performance, choreographer and Artistic Director Fleur Darkin's Innocence invites little ones (and their adults), to explore William Blake’s imagination and enter a realm of mystery, fun and adventure. Innocence is a magical theatrical journey led by Scottish Dance Theatre’s captivating dancers, with live music, songs, giggles and animal noises by Paul Bradley. A beautiful and engaging dance experience for young ones, their families and friends. Families will be invited into the auditorium and asked to sit on the floor/stage in a circle with the dancers. The dancers perform in the circle encouraging the children to join in some of the movements and gestures. As the piece progresses the children are encouraged to join in; singing dancing, pretending to be animals and birds. Towards the end the children and dancers work together to make a big tree out of paper.
Sunday 8 November, 11:00 and 13:00
La Teatreria
Tabasco 152, Colonia Roma Norte
Tickets: $300 adults, $150 children, on sale at the ticket office. 25% discount for students and staff of The Anglo Mexican Foundation, on presentation to the Lunario of a valid badge or payment slip.
Monday 9 November, 11:00
Firday 13 November, 11:00
Teatro de la Danza, Centro Cultural del Bosque
Tickets at the ticket office.