SHUM | Boundary Works: Matthew Grouse + Alex Smoke

"Boundary Works" is an evocative live performance by the British electronic musicians Alex Menzies and Matthew Grouse, as part of the UK-Mexico programme SHUM.
Matthew Grouse is a composer from the UK, currently living in Aarhus (DK), who regularly combines music for instruments and voices with electronic sound, text, video and performative media. His work is often concerned with human frailties and reframing the seemingly mundane aspects of everyday life. In 2018, Matthew was awarded the Dorico Award for Small/Medium Scale Work at the Scottish Awards for New Music.
Alex Menzies (aka Alex Smoke) is a musician and composer; operating in various fields of sound including electronic production, sound installation and instrumental composition. His main interest is in combining traditional forms of composition and musicianship with the more experimental approaches allowed by modern technology.

* SHUM, Seeing Hearing UKMX, is a multidisciplinary residency programme combining the best of music, visual and digital arts from Mexico and the UK. It is made possible with the support of Anglo Arts, British Council Mexico; CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) and Cryptic.